Prepare for your saunter


The Trail Head


Before you begin a physical saunter (hike) it is always good to be prepared. In your backpack, you will need to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your adventure, as well as items that will keep you safe.

For this spiritual journey, you will need your Bible and a journal or notebook. 

There will be verses to read and questions to answer. It is always a good idea to record what you feel the Lord is saying to you. 

I strongly recommend that you do not saunter alone. 

Journeying with a friend is always better. 

The "Top 10 Transparency Tool", below, will aid you in a full evaluation of your life.

Once you collect your Bible, your journal, and a good friend you are ready to go. Start with the first podcast. 

If you are sauntering with a friend, I recommend you all meet weekly. An hour to 90-minute sessions work for most folks.

I want to encourage you to check out "The Blog" page, as well. There, you will find more helpful information and insight from me and others I trust. 

Let us know you are taking this journey, you can reach us through the "Contact" page.  We pray for everyone who is sauntering with us.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Sauntering with a Friend: What a session together looks like


A Possible Sauntering Meeting Agenda (60-90 Minutes)

Begin with prayer.

Ask: How was your week? Good? Could be better? Praises? Etc...

Talk about the weekly podcast or video. 

Talk about Scripture readings.

Discuss the Top 10 Transparency Tool.

Share prayer requests.

Top 10 Transparency Tool

What is God's vision for your life? What are the areas of your life that are keeping you from realizing God's vision? 

Top 10 Transparency (docx)



Let us know you are Sauntering by subscribing to our blog. We are praying for you!

LIFE Week One

The Secret to Knowing the Heart of God

We begin our saunter answering one of the most important questions we face as spiritual beings.

LIFE Week Two

What is LIFE?

In America, what is LIFE can be deceiving. Christ is LIFE. Outside of Jesus, there is no other LIFE.

LIFE Week Three

Fake Gospels

In America, you can call anything "the truth".  We not only live in a time of "fake news" we also live in a time of "fake gospels". 

LIFE Week Four

How Do I Receive Christ's LIFE?

Every Christian in America needs to listen to this podcast. 

LIFE Week Five

Did you know you have a spiritual anatomy? Follow along with Pastor Gary and discover the real you!

LIFE Week Six, Part 1

What happens to our spiritual anatomy at salvation? A lot. 

LIFE Week Six, Part 2

If Jesus has made me a new creation, why do I still sin? Hear Pastor Gary confess how he got it wrong for 20 years concerning sin in the believer's LIFE. 

LIFE Week Seven

In America, we SUCK at relationships. The next two videos could change your LIFE!

LIFE Week Eight

Learn the truth about how we live a better life by keeping our relationships in order and fresh.

LIFE Week Nine

Have you ever wondered what God is doing in the world, today? This short and simple teaching will change the way you view time and eternity!

LIFE Week Ten

What Is My Role In God's Kingdom Plan?

If you take the challenge presented in this podcast seriously, your LIFE will never be the same. And it doesn't matter how much you know or how long you have been a Christian.